LGC Marketing

LGC Marketing set out to become a unique and interesting company! Motivated by exploring new ideas, creative products and fresh concepts, we look to our little grey cells for fresh appreciation and thought provoking ways to share offers. Our founder Lynh Le originally created Lynh reads, Lynh eats and Lynh travels, experience sharing websites, way back in 2006. In an effort to earn more from the site, Lynh tried affiliate marketing, with a twist.
Lynh and her small team created a new approach to affiliate marketing to introduce the entire process of earning from affiliate programs in a easy way to users didn’t have to spend too much time on it and could focus on growing the rest of the business. The idea of using your little grey cells to be creative and passionate about a particular vertical had become LGC Marketing in February 2007 with co-founder Richard Rowe coming on board.
Today, LGC focuses on emerging affiliates programs, in niche specific markets, and still take great pride in helping new publishers earn.

Affiliate Marketing

LGC Marketing takes pride sharing its knowledge and experience with other passionate marketers online. As a successful Affiliate, we have promoted a wide range of products and services. We work with product developers, online companies and advertising networks to share and promote products and services that people love. Our focus is on all the facets of internet advertising, online marketing, social media, and web development, to generate traffic on products and services most valuable to the consumer. LGC Marketing is well versed in both the technical and creative aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and marketing. These methods are enhanced with proper search engine optimization, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, social media, and digital media.

Merchant Spotlight

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